Third Party Testing

Third Party Lab tests, why they’re important, and how to read one

Is it important my product is 3rd party lab tested?
Very.  The entire CBD space remains highly unregulated — which makes it easy for companies to lie about the quality or potency of their products. Some companies are doing it to shave dollars off their bottom line by sourcing low-quality (even contaminated) hemp. Other companies are exaggerating their cannabinoid profiles to increase sales. This is why many manufacturers pay out of their own pockets to have their products tested fairly by an independent lab. These companies will display the lab results for each batch to publicly show that what they advertise on the bottle is what you’re really getting.

This leaves us wondering — “what do they have to hide?”

The bottom line: if you can’t find third-party lab tests public on a company website — move on to another company.

Where can I find these tests?
You should be able to locate a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for any cbd product you buy easily on the brand’s website or via a qr code on the packaging.  All you will need is the product’s batch #.  Every Stream product has a batch number on the bottom of the bottle.  It is a huge red flag if you can not find this information.  View the certificate of analysis for any Stream product here.

So how do you read a certificate of analysis?
Below is an example of the COA for Stream Rest.  The three most important highlights are circled in red.

#1 Make sure your products batch number matches the batch number listed on the COA

#2 Potency, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals,and Microbiology are the most important tests to consider.  Every legal bottle of cbd must pass all 5 of these tests

#3 It’s nice to see what other Cannabinoids are in your product.  In this case there is CBC and CBG in addition to CBD.  Each Cannabinoid works a little differently and may have it’s own benefits.



Got it!