Extraction 101

What makes Stream’s Extraction process so different? And better…in our opinion.

In order to turn a hemp plant into an oil tincture you have to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material leaving you with a concentrated oil.  You mix that concentrated oil with a fatty carrier like MCT, grape seed, or olive oil.  But how do you “extract” the cannabinoids and terpenes in the first place?

Most brands use a solvent.  Solvents such as Butane, propane, hexane, CO2, and ethanol are brought into contact with the plant material to absorb the cannabinoids and terpenes.  They are then turned back into gases leaving you with just the concentrate.  This is fine and perfectly safe if your trusted brand does a good job of removing any residual solvents.  You should be able to check if that is the case on their website by looking up the third party lab tests of your specific product.  View Stream’s here.  Learn why these are important and how to read one of these reports in our post about third party lab reports.

While the use of solvents in contact with the plant material is fine, we think we have a better alternative.  Stream CBD uses a patented process whereby heated air is the only thing that comes in contact with our plant material.  We evaporate cannabinoids and terpenes directly from dry plant material.  Our hemp is extracted, activated and refined in a matter of seconds, producing a terpene-rich, USDA Organic certified hemp extract.  Just like in cooking, we believe it’s all about the ingredients you start with.

Our automated extraction machines continuously feed hemp into a rapidly moving stream of heated air that instantly distills cannabinoids and terpenes from the dry plant material.  The oil rich vapor is rapidly cooled and condensed into a concentrate, and is periodically flushed from the machine using a small quantity of USDA certified organic ethanol.  The ethanol DOES NOT come in contact with the hemp plant material at any time and is only utilized as a diluent to allow automated recovery of the extract from our machines.  In the final steps of the process, the ethanol is evaporated from the diluted hemp extract, leaving a terpene-rich, fully activated, full spectrum USDA certified Organic hemp extract.

That’s what is Stream is about.



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