COVID-19 & Vitamin D


Covid-19 & Vitamin D

What connections have been made between vitamin D and your ability to respond to Covid-19?

Just yesterday a study was published finding that 82% of patients hospitalized showed Vitamin D deficiency.  Earlier this fall, the first randomized controlled trial of vitamin D’s relationship to COVID-19 was published.  The results were encouraging! Elevated Vitamin D levels significantly reduced the risk of ICU risk in COVID-19 patients.  According to the study, Vitamin D eliminated 96% of the risk of ICU admission!  Please note there is no evidence Vitamin D prevents you from getting infected with COVID-19 but the trial showed that people respond much better to the virus if they have proper Vitamin D levels.

How much Vitamin D should I take?

This part is tricky because it all depends on where your current levels are.  Factors like how much vitamin D you already get from the sun, your diet, and current supplementation each play a role in your current levels.  You need bloodwork from a physician who can read and interpret your levels, and then suggest proper supplementation based on YOUR specific starting point.  Please don’t guess what you think to be the right amount of daily IU’s.  In some cases people can take too much vitamin D causing toxicity.  We highly recommend prioritizing a visit to your doctor to begin the process.

What kind of vitamin D should I take?

We like trusted brands who have transparent testing like Thorne and Ortho Molecular Products.  Again please ask your doctor what brands they like because, just like the CBD business, there are a lot of bad vitamins and supplements out there that do not give you what they claim.  We believe in getting as much vitamin D as possible from natural sources like the sun, fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms and fortified foods.  But more and more people seem to be testing at low vitamin D levels and should consider supplementation.



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